Honesty & Self-Deception

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Honesty & Self-deception

Being honest with yourself can be hard—sometimes really hard

We can lie to ourselves about almost anything. For example, most people believe that they are better than average drivers, which is clearly not statistically possible. We lie on our taxes and justify it by telling ourselves that the government gets enough money and no one will ever find out. And we lie in our online dating profiles—about anything we don’t like or find undesirable! And most of the time, we aren’t even aware that we are doing it!

I can teach you:

Common ways we lie to ourselves

To detect how you lie to yourself and where it keeps you stuck

To understand why we lie to ourselves and how it hurts you

How to become more honest using the 3 A’s of Authenticity

How to empower yourself and create your ideal life using honesty

cortney warren

Why is Self-Deception a Problem?

Self-deception keeps you stuck—it keeps you from growing and from creating your ideal life. It affects your career success, your relationships, your happiness, your income, and even your physical health. Because you can’t change something you can’t admit.

And at the end of the day, self-deception can leave you with tremendous amounts of regret.

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