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cortney warren media appearances

Cortney's Media Appearances

Television, Radio, Podcasts, Web, Print

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The following is a list of media appearances of Dr. Cortney Warren.

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#157 Are You Addicted to Your Ex? with Dr. Cortney Warren

Heal Your Heartbreak

Mar 21, 2023

How To Stop Cheating On Your Partner: 10 Ways That Work

By Amaka Chukwuma

Mar 19, 2023

189. Letting Go Of Your Ex with Dr. Cortney Warren

With Sandee Sgarlata

Mar 17, 2023

Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Get Over Your Ex

By Anouare Abdou

Mar 14, 2023

“What’s The Most Outrageous Lie You’ve Ever Been Told?”: 30 Lies Ranging From Silly To Horrible, As Shared By The Bored Panda Community

Mar 13, 2023


The Minimalists talk with Dr. Cortney Warren about heartbreak and letting go of your ex.

Mar 13, 2023

Awareness, Assessment & Action – Dr. Cortney Warren

Mar 10, 2023

Harvard Psychologist Reveals ‘8 Toxic Phrases’ That Are Most Likely To Ruin Your Relationship

By Sadhika Sehgal

Mar 3, 2023

How To Let Go Of Your Ex with Dr. Cortney Warren

With Megan Sherer

Mar 2, 2023

Getting over an ex

Tips to leave your breakup in the past, so you can move on with your life.

Mar 1, 2023

Critical About Your Body? How Body Image Affects Our Romantic & Sexual Experiences

Source: 30 Seconds, Feb 28, 2023

Relationship advice: These 8 toxic phrases can ruin your relationship, according to Harvard

By Sanjana Ray

Source: GQ India, Feb 23, 2023

Karmic Relationships: What They Are & When To Leave, According To Experts

“There’s a toxic element to every karmic relationship.”


Source: Romper, Feb 21, 2023

Body Acceptance: How to Stay Body Positive When Everyone’s Talking About Weight Loss

Source: 30 Seconds, Feb 16, 2023

“Ask the Doc” with Cortney Warren from Choose Honesty, LLC

Hosted by host Jennifer Filzen

Source: BUZZ Media, Feb 15, 2023

Addicted to Your Ex: The Psychology of Love Addiction Interview With Cortney S. Warren, PhD

Source: PSYCHEVERYWHERE by PSI CHI, Feb 15, 2023

392: Navigating A Breakup And Getting Over Your Ex

Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz

Source: I Do Podcast, Feb 15, 2023

Why Is Valentine’s Day So Triggering? 3 Ways to Cope With Your Feelings

 By Jené Luciana Sena

Source: Hello Giggles, Feb 14, 2023

Cortney Warren: How to get over your ‘ex’

Hey Boss Lady!

Source: Hey Boss Lady!, Feb 14, 2023

491. Dr. Cortney S. Warren – How to Let Go Of Your Ex

Dr. Darian Parker

Source: Doctor Darian Parker, Feb 14, 2023

Note: When I appear in any form of media, I am ALWAYS WORKING IN A NON-CLINICAL ROLE. This means that I provide information, comments, and opinions to the public in a non-clinical context. For example, I may provide information on a given issue, be interviewed to offer my professional opinions about a given topic, and advocate for specific issues. I am NOT doing clinical work (e.g., psychotherapy, formal assessment) in the media. This includes all of my work in the media, including but not limited to EXaholics, Choose Honesty, media appearances in television (e.g., on The Doctors television show), and podcasts/webinars.

My media work is for informational and educational purposes only--It is not therapy.
Dr. Warren's work in the media is for informational and educational purposes and should not be considered therapy or any form of treatment. Dr. Cortney S. Warren and her team are not able to respond to specific questions or comments about personal situations, appropriate diagnoses or treatment, or otherwise provide any clinical opinions. If you think you need immediate assistance, call your local emergency number or the mental health crisis hotline listed in your local phone book’s government pages.